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Enjoy SUN and FUN cruise with the whole family! Excellent entertainment  for all ages at very special prices!
Morning Cruise
EVERYDAY  9.00 - 13.00
Afternoon Sun & Fun cruise is available only on Mondays from 14.00 -17-00
This is a day time event targeted at families and mature guests, who prefer a more relaxed atmosphere. The theme of this event is ‘Pirates’ filled with animation and entertainment for all ages.
Free transfers by busses are provided for all guests. Every bus will have a big signboard with the name of the event. Guests come on board at the South harbour of  Nessebar.
Guests are welcomed on board by our animation team and staff who are all in pirate dress.
Each kid will receive a bandana hat as a memento of the event.
Children on board will enjoy special attention provided by a face painter who paints them like different characters. Throughout the sail there will be various competitions with many prizes and the guests will also learn how to read maps, so to find any hidden treasures, learn how to make knots and how to catch fish, etc.
For those guests who prefer more relaxing time and comfort is available the third deck.
While our animators entertain the guests, the slide and pool will become available under the watchful eyes of our lifeguards, there is also a lifeboat constantly orbiting the boat and is ready to render assistance to anyone who needs it.
The slide and pool will be in use for approximately 1 hour.
11:30 – 12:30h lunch is served, which is buffet style and includes:

- Vegetables: carrots, cucumbers, cabbage, tomatoes;
- Pasta salad with fresh tomatoes, tuna and light mayonnaise;
- Grilled chicken fillet;
- Risotto with vegetables;
- Fresh baguettes;
- Fruits: watermelon;

For children we offer burgers.
During the event the guests are provided with beer, sangria, soft drinks from the post mix and mineral water from the cooling dispenser.
Beer and sangria are available after the stop for swimming.
During the lunch tables and chairs are arranged on first deck, the atmosphere is calm and the music is quiet.
Duration: 4 hours
Adults - 68 lv.    
Child 2-12 years: 34 lv. .

The price includes:

transfer to the port and back
lunch and drinks

@ 14:00


Afternoon Cruise available on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 14.00 - 18.00
The name of this event makes it clear, that the target here are the young people. 
12:45  Guests have to be at meeting point – Hollister Bar
Hollister Bar is located on Flower Street and it is very easy to be found.
13.30 hrs: Transportation to Tattoo is provided by buses and our animators are there to help.
14:00 hrs : Tattoo leaves Nessebar Harbour .
As we set sail in the Sunny beach and Nessebar bay, guests can relax and sunbathe on one of our sundecks. Our animation team set the mood, accompanied by our resident DJ SOULJACKER. The main idea of this party is to create a slightly "naughty" atmosphere. Our animation team organizes several party and drinking games so all the people on the boat get involved. For those who prefer relaxed atmosphere the second deck will be still available. This event also includes time for swimming and using the water slide, but this is only available for guests that have not consumed alcohol! The guests that prefer to swim can enjoy unlimited alcoholic drinks after the swim stop. Drinks, that are unlimited throughout the event, are: draught beer, sangria, soft drinks and mineral water from cooling dispenser.
During the event our food offer is:
- Salad of fresh vegetables: lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, cabbage.
- Burger / Vegetable burger for vegetarian /.
The bars offer full range of drinks, at additional prices, such as cocktails, mixes, bottled beer, shots, etc.
TATTOO Party Boat sails back at 18.00h to the harbour of Nessebar. Tourists will be transferred back to Sunny Beach by busses.

Price: ADULTS ONLY - 65.00 lv.
The price includes:
transfer to the port and back
drinks and burger



Tuesday and Saturday @ 20:00


Evening Cruise available every Tuesday and Saturday 20.00 - 22.30

“UNDER THE MOONLIGHT” is our unique evening excursion. You will be immersed in a romantic journey under the moonlight, enjoying amazing coastal views and scenery.
We will pick all the customers from pick up points throughout the resort and take them to the harbor in Nessebar.
Our Moonlight cruise will leave the harbor at 20.00 and guests will be aboard for 2,5 hours cruise under the stars.
We have 3 decks on Tattoo so customers can decide where they want to be throughout the cruise. On our first deck we will have live vocal music performance on stage by our very special guests! On the second and third decks customers can sit back and relax under the stars and watch the amazing views and scenery of the coastline by night.
This is a truly memorable evening Under the Moonlight out at sea.
Immerse yourself in the sunset and enjoy the night splendour with the people you love!

Price: ADULTS ONLY - 65.00 lv.
The price includes:
transfer to the port and back
drinks and burger
live vocal music performance on stage
**Please note the target market for this excursions is adults only!